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Your business' geographical presence in times of the Corona crisis

The world have been hit hard

The world and its economy have been hit hard by the coronavirus and all the collateral damage it comes with. A few months ago the virus seemed a distant problem, but we now know that its impact in the western countries will be severe. Governments are desperately taking emergency measures to protect their citizens and economies, but with the virus hitting so fast and so hard this proves to be an enormous challenge. As an entrepreneur or business owner, the chances are there that Corona crisis will affect you. Amidst the threats, this crisis could however also create new opportunities for your business. As an entrepreneur you need to explore all available options and you may discover that it could be beneficial to your business to establish a presence in the EU.

If you decide to do so, the Netherlands is a country you definitely have to take in consideration. Many companies, such as the EMA (European Medicines Authority) have done so before you and successfully moved their business to The Netherlands. The Netherlands are a highly interesting location for companies and entrepreneurs for many reasons. The country is known for its beneficial legal and tax environment while establishing a new company, as well as its stable political situation, the highly qualified staff and the exceptionally good living conditions make it a promising location for ambitious entrepreneurs and international companies.

Q-Business Support can assist and advise

Locating your business abroad creates many challenges. Q-Business Support is specialised in supporting and advising companies during the whole process. From language and cultural differences to laws and regulations: Q-Business Support can assist and advise you in setting up your operations in The Netherlands. Its highly specialized team delivers tailored solutions in corporate services, accounting, financial reporting and compliance. The multilingual and highly skilled professionals from Q-Business Support will support you through all the stages of the implementation of your business in this country.

How the Corona crisis will internationally develop, no one knows. You know what is best for your company and in case you are considering a move in the Netherlands, the professionals of Q- Business Support are there for you. Do not hesitate to contact us, to look at the opportunities for your business.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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