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Working as an expat in The Netherlands: bringing the family

When moving to another country, it is nice to have your loved ones close to you. Your significant other and maybe even children will all make the big move, and it is crucial for everyone to feel at home in their new country. Your spouse might need a job, and the children need a school. Furthermore, a social network around you will also contribute to feeling more at home.


Every year, numerous expats move to the Netherlands, and many of them also bring their families. In The Netherlands, children are obligated to attend school from the age of five until the age of sixteen (Rijksoverheid, 2021). All over the country, there are international schools, both primary- as well as high schools. These establishments provide an English education for all nationalities while obeying all the rules of the Dutch schooling system. This way, children can enjoy a high level of education away from home (Iamexpat, 2021).


When the expat's partner wants to work, the employer is not obligated to help by finding a job. Finding a job for the spouse can be challenging, but several institutions connect spouses and help them accelerate into the Dutch Labor market (Expat Spouses Initiative, 2021).

Social network

Moreover, the big cities have extensive social networks of expats. Through online platforms, people are being connected with each other. This is an excellent way to meet new people and help overcome the obstacles a move to a new country brings.

Get in touch!

Are you thinking of moving your business to The Netherlands? Q-Business Support can provide help with making the move. Whether it is the challenging new language, the different culture or Dutch law and regulations; they can help you overcome these obstacles. With over 25 years of experience, Q Business Support provides clients with experts in listening and responding to the needs of their clients. They create solutions tailored to their clients' needs, enabling them to focus on what matters: their business' growth.

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