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Which professions does The Netherlands need the most?

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The labour market has been tight for a long time in the Netherlands. And although the coronavirus caused specific sectors to cool down considerably, shortages in other sectors only became more acute. Business Insider wrote an article in response to a list of professions the Netherlands needs, published by the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). The sectors and disciplines listed in this article were prominent in this.


There has been a shortage of teachers in the Netherlands for years. The lack of good teachers has been causing problems for some time, but the educational system has become even more pressured since the corona crisis. Various schools ask interns and students who are still in school themselves to teach in front of the class. To eliminate these shortages, the government has started a program to stimulate people from the corporate sector to become teachers. Also, former teachers are being asked to come back and teach. 

ICT sector 

There is a shortage of programmers and developers, network administrators and engineers, ICT architects, security specialists and data scientists in the ICT sector. Especially at the higher and scientific professional level, it is challenging to fill the open vacancies. 

Construction and installation 

The Netherlands has an enormous shortage in the housing market. There are too few homes available in both the social and private sector. To make up for this shortage, there has been the ambition to build more for years. As a result, there is a high demand for architects, construction engineers, construction inspectors and BIM modellers. Shortages in various professions are also dire at the lower educational levels, such as painters, plasterers, glaziers, carpenters, roofers, scaffolding builders, electricians, plumbers and mechanics. 


Even before the corona crisis, there was a demand in Dutch healthcare for many functions at all levels. There is a need for various types of doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and surgical assistants. At the intermediate educational level, nurses, counsellors in care for the disabled, opticians, hearing care professionals and pharmacy assistants are scarce. 

Legal and financial 

There is mainly a shortage of higher and scientifically trained accountants, tax advisers, Customer Due Diligence specialists, lawyers, civil-law notaries, and company lawyers in the legal and financial sector.

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