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What are the most significant Dutch multinationals?

The Netherlands is not a very big country. A drive from north to south only takes around 3 hours, and it houses only a little over 17.5 million citizens. But do not let the size of the country or population fool you. The Dutch economy is in the top 20 economies of the world (ResearchFDI, 2021). One of the main reasons for the strong economy in the Netherlands is its excellent position, often being called the ‘gateway to Europe’. Moreover, because of their political stability and entrepreneurial nature, the Netherlands is a great place to do business. But which are the five most giant Dutch multinationals?


Even though the name Vitol might not be very well-known, it is one of the biggest Dutch enterprises. Vitol is the biggest independent trader of energy. The company globally trades in raw materials and produces gas, electricity, and oil (Inside Network, 2021). They have offices in over 40 locations and, in 2021, had a revenue of $279 billion (Vitol, n.d.).


The biggest Dutch bank is the ING. With over 57,000 employees and around 38 million customers, the bank works globally in over 40 countries. Services include numerous private and corporate banking products, and they are a big advocate for sustainability. Their biggest markets are in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg (ING, n.d.).


Unilever is a multinational with over 149,000 employees, and they work in over 190 countries. They own powerful brands, and around 2.5 billion people use their products daily. Unilever claims to stand for reaching a positive impact, working with integrity and maintaining a high code of conduct (Unilever, n.d.).


“Born in the Netherlands, raised by the world” is Heineken’s slogan. Gerard Adriaan Heineken founded the Dutch beer brand in 1873 and now serves more than 25 million beers a day in 192 countries (Heineken, n.d.).

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