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These industries are flourishing during the corona crisis

We are experiencing the most significant economic downturn in years, and it does not seem that this will improve anytime soon. Economists agree: we have a hard time ahead. However, not all sectors have been or are hit hard. Let’s take a closer look at some of the industries that are doing well during the corona crisis.

Virtual meetings

Offices: what did we need them for again? Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, we discovered that you could work very efficiently at home. En masse we have meetings through communication services such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, Skype and FaceTime. This popularity is also noticeable within the stock markets. For example, Zoom Video Communications' stock increased from about $ 71 (on February 28) to about $ 255 (on July 28) in six months. Not bad at all.

Pharmaceutical industry

Respirators, mouth masks, disinfectants, medicines and of course the promised Covid-19 vaccine: we need it all these days. The pharmaceutical industry is booming, and you can see that in the stock charts. In six months, the Regeneron Pharmaceutical stock rose from $ 340 to $ 630. In February you paid about $ 7 for a Novavax share, which by the end of July rose to about $ 140.

Online stores

Online shopping has grown in popularity for years, but the coronavirus caused a flywheel effect. Amazon shares rose from $ 1,800 in February to $ 3,000 in July. The question is when the economic crisis becomes visible in the spending pattern of the consumer, will we still consume this much in a few months?

Online entertainment

Netflix, Disney +, AppleTV, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video: we were already watching a lot, and this only increased during the corona lockdown. Not to forget in this list: porn websites. "People now have time. Boredom is often a reason to watch porn or have cybersex. It is also a way to deal with stress or tension. Watching porn is one of the ways to make you feel good," says sexologist Hannie van Rijsingen to the Dutch RTL News.

Private aircrafts

Starting at the time when many commercial flights got cancelled, the popularity of private flights increased distinctly. This trend started in China and also in the United States and the United Kingdom, the number of private flights increased. Not only the lack of commercial flights caused the increase, but also the fear of being infected onboard is a reason for customers to use a private plane.

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