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These are the most innovative Dutch designs of this time

In 2021, the Global Innovation Index elected the Netherlands as the sixth most innovative country globally (GII, 2021). Nowadays, an increasing number of companies grow value by conducting scientific discoveries and research. Professional, scientific and support services have tripled their market share, whereas sectors like manufacturing, agriculture and industry have declined (OECD, 2020). The Netherlands is a frontrunner in shifting towards a knowledge-based economy. It is not surprising that many innovative products and initiatives are coming from the small European country (ASR, 2020).

Somnox sleeping robot

Air-cleaning bikes

The Netherlands would not be the Netherlands if bikes would not be involved in innovation. Daan Roosegaarde is creating air-cleaning bikes that absorb smog out of the air. When pedalling, polluted air gets sucked into the bike; it cleans it and pushes the clean air out. This way, the cyclists can bike in a cleaner environment, encouraging people to cycle more. The project has only been launched in China for the Smog Free Project for now but might transfer to other parts of the world (Licheva, 2018).


One of the latest Dutch innovations is Somnox. Somnox is a sleeping robot that imitates breathing by moving up and down. The robot decreases its rhythm gradually and eventually lets one falls asleep by doing so. Four technical university alumni designed the robot. They have created the idea because the mother of one of the innovators had insomnia, but she did not want to take medicine, and there were no other substitutes. Now, Somnox is already on the market and used by a growing number of people (Business Insider, 2021).

Johan Cruijff Arena

Any football lover will know Dutch football team AFC Ajax. The Amsterdam football club plays their games in the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam. One of the features that make the arena special is its unique energy storage system. The system uses batteries for a more reliable and efficient energy supply. Amongst the batteries, the arena uses are second-life vehicle batteries. By using these batteries, the energy storage system is more sustainable and creates a circular economy (Johan Cruijff Arena, 2018).

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