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These are the best places to live in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is popular among expats and is primarily known for its excellent education and healthcare systems. The quality of life is high, with a good work-life balance and an inclusive, tolerant society. Dutch people also speak English well, making expats feel welcome. Additionally, the Netherlands is known as one of the happiest countries in the world. But where in the Netherlands can you find the best places to live?

Amsterdam canal bridge

Every year, research firm Atlas Research conducts a study on the most attractive places to live, considering more than 50 indicators like employment opportunities, universities, housing prices, and cultural amenities. The most recent study was released in May. Here are the top 5 best places to live in the Netherlands:


Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, unsurprisingly takes the top spot. The city is incredibly diverse, rich in history, has good schools and universities, and offers plenty of job opportunities.


Amstelveen, a green suburb southwest of Amsterdam, has a large international community and is known for its green living environment. Amsterdam is easily accessible by bike, car, or public transport.


Leiden is renowned for its beautiful historic centre and excellent university. It's conveniently located between Amsterdam and The Hague, making it a popular place to live.


Utrecht is the most centrally located city in the Netherlands. The city features charming streets and a historic centre with beautiful canals and is a valid student city with great cultural diversity.


Leidschendam-Voorburg is a green and peaceful suburb of The Hague. It's a delightful place to live for expats and families working in the vicinity of the political capital.

The rest of the top ten include Hilversum, The Hague, Rotterdam, Haarlem, and Delft. According to the research, Emmen is the least attractive place to live, with fewer job opportunities and relatively fewer amenities.

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