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The success of the Dutch infrastructure

With the most prominent European port in Rotterdam, a world-class airport in Amsterdam and high-speed rail and roads, the Netherlands is very well connected to the rest of the world. Transportation within the Netherlands is quick, easy, and often offered more sustainably compared to other countries. But what is the key behind the success of the Dutch infrastructure?

Rotterdam central train station

First and foremost, systematic planning and long-term vision are at the core of Dutch infrastructure success. The Dutch government has a strategic approach to infrastructure development, focusing on sustainable and future-proof solutions. The construction and maintenance of roads, railways, waterways, and other vital infrastructure components are well-maintained and essential to the Dutch government. They claim that the government strives for a high quality of life to remain competitive, and high-quality transportation networks contribute to this. Moreover, they do so by improving the strength of urban regions and providing excellent public transportation while using renewable energy (Government of the Netherlands, n.d.). By considering various factors like population growth, environmental impact, and technological advancements, the Dutch ensure that their infrastructure remains efficient and adaptable for years to come (Invest in Holland, 2021).

Heavily invested

Another critical aspect of the success of Dutch infrastructure is that the focus lies on more than just one aspect of transportation. The Dutch have invested heavily in building an integrated and well-connected transportation system that integrates various modes of travel like cycling paths, efficient public transportation systems, and well-maintained roads. By providing many alternatives to private cars and promoting active transportation, the Dutch have reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality, and enhanced their citizens' overall quality of life (Invest in Holland, 2021).

About us

Are you thinking of (re)locating your business? The Netherlands could be a great place to establish. But moving your business to a new country can be challenging. Local laws, regulations, language, and culture can be obstacles that could slow down the process of implementing your enterprise in a new country, hence; it is advisable to work with Q-Business Support! Q-Business Support has a team of multilingual, highly skilled professionals who support you in implementing your business in the Netherlands. With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, the team members are experts in listening and responding to the needs of their clients in accounting, financial reporting, legal and compliance support, to name a few. Creating tailor-made solutions so you can focus on what matters the most: your business' growth.

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