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The large renovation of the Netherlands

The climate on earth is changing. The past decade was the warmest ever recorded, and it is expected that this will grow further by 0.2% every decade. The rising temperatures come with issues, and it is said that nature and well-being are possibly in danger. Moreover, the chances of disastrous changes in the environment are significant (Europese Commissie, z.d.). It is no surprise that sustainability is a hot topic, and all over the world, leaders are thinking of ways to slow down the rising temperatures. Moreover, because of the growing population, solutions for living and feeding need to be found, and this is no different in the Netherlands. They call it "the largest renovation of the Netherlands". But what will happen?


International Sustainability

The large renovation of the Netherlands is the Dutch plan to make the country healthier and safer for both people and nature. This is important because the government does not want to create issues for future generations. The country has plans to create a better place to live and work and achieve its national and international goals. The international sustainability goals were defined during the Paris UN climate conference in 2021. One of the agreements is that the EU should cut emissions by 40% by 2030. The Dutch goal is to cut this by 49% (Rijksoverheid, n.d.).


The Dutch government has many plans, but they are working to make houses more sustainable. When homes are well isolated, the request for health diminishes, and less gas or fossil fuels are being used. Moreover, the way agriculture is conducted will change. The aim is to reduce nitrogen emissions. Furthermore, when environmental degradation occurs, the costs should be recovered from the correct source to encourage people to reduce pollution. The aim is to create a clear policy that is affordable and fair (RIVM, n.d.).

Let's get in Touch!

Are you thinking of (re)locating your business? The Netherlands is a great country to establish your company. The extensive renovation is a significant step to an even brighter future. However, moving to a new country can be challenging, and (changing) local laws, a different language, and another culture could make it a little more complicated. It is advisable to have support. Q-Business Support has a team of multilingual, highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to supporting you in implementing your business in the Netherlands. They create solutions tailored to their client's needs, enabling them to focus on what matters: their business. With over 25 years of international experience, Q-Business Support has been able to support companies with corporate services, accounting and financial reporting and compliance.

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