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The Golden Generation: what role did baby boomers play in the Netherlands?

After World War 2, the Netherlands was partially destroyed, the economy had to be rebuilt, and wounds had to be healed. But it was also a time when finally, there was more calmness, and people could feel safe again. This led to a big baby boom. Full schools in the fifties first signified the following years; then, many people flowed to higher education and the labour market in the sixties. In the seventies, there were significant construction efforts to house all these boomers. In 2011, many of this generation started to enjoy their well-deserved retirement (CBS, 2015). Well-deserved? For sure! Because the golden generation had the job of rebuilding the country when it came to the economy, social norms, and politics.

Regarding the economy, the Netherlands had remarkable growth in the after-war period. The entrance of the baby boomers into the workforce contributed to a surge in productivity and innovation, driving the country's economic expansion. Additionally, their entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic helped establish the Netherlands as a global trading hub and a leader in various industries (CBS, 2015)

Social movements

Moreover, the golden generation also actively protested and shaped a desired political and social environment. During the sixties and seventies, they actively participated in protests and social movements, advocating for social justice, civil rights, and environmental protection. Their activism led to significant reforms in education, healthcare, and labour laws, fostering a more egalitarian society. Moreover, the generation made a lot happen for women, ensuring a more equal system when it comes to work, education, and the household, but also about the option to decide about their bodies surrounding, for instance, birth control and abortion (Generation Journey, n.d.; Atria, n,d.).

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