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The Amsterdam Business District: the past, the present and the future

The Amsterdam Business District is located at just stone's throw from Schiphol Airport and the city centre of Amsterdam and is locally recognised as the "Zuidas". The business district of the Dutch capital is located in the southern part of the city and is known for its prosperous residents, good hotels and excellent restaurants. In this blog, we reveal her past, observe the status quo and take a look into the future. Is this a place where your company could gain a foothold?


Since the 1980s, the municipality of Amsterdam has been thinking about a prime location for offices. In the early 1990s, the first ideas were carried out into the possibilities of giving some of the offices a strategic location along the city ring between Schiphol Airport and the city. The working title was "Zuidas" and as early as 1974 the Dutch Middle Class Bank had its office here. The WTC followed in 1985 and due to the easy accessibility of the Zuidas, the ABN Amro bank also decided to move its head office to the Zuidas in the early 1990s.

At the end of 1997, the state designated the Zuidas as a New Key Project. With this, the Dutch government emphasised the importance of the Zuidas as an international location. The aim of developing the Zuidas into a top international location over a period of 30 to 40 years was laid down in the "Masterplan Zuidas". This plan was drawn up in 1998 by the Amsterdam city council. In 2000, the municipal council adopted the Vision Zuidas, in which the 'Dock model' became central. In this model, both the A10-South city ring and the Amsterdam South train station are made underground. This should make room for large-scale residential and office construction. In 2012, a variant will be chosen where only the A10 is underground. The station will remain above ground but will be renewed.


In 2020, the Zuidas is an area that is in full development. The "Zuidasdok" plan is currently being rolled out and, there will also be more places for living and recreation. Amsterdam's ambition is to make the Zuidas more than just Amsterdam's knowledge- and business centre. "With the arrival of more residents, Zuidas will continue to grow into a complete neighbourhood with amenities such as shops, schools, catering, sports centres and other entertainment options. The location is very strategic: a stone's throw from both the centre of Amsterdam and Schiphol and at a place where all forms of transport come together. The Zuidas department plays a major role in the development of this area," the municipality of Amsterdam writes on its website.


Let's take a look into the future, of perhaps one of the most essential neighbourhoods in Amsterdam! By 2028, one of the most extensive Dutch construction- and development project of this time must have brought about an absolute improvement in Amsterdam's business district. The A10 city ring has been widened and is partly located underground. The Amsterdam Zuid train station has also been substantially renovated and enlarged. The Zuidas is an inclusive neighbourhood, where work, living and recreation go hand in hand. We do not yet know whether it was achieved with on the estimated budget of 990 million euros. But what we do know is that it will be beautiful! Would you like to take a realistic look at the future of the Zuidas? Be sure to watch this video!

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