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Sustainability in the Netherlands

Over the last few decades, sustainability has been a hot topic. Many companies focus on finding solutions to work or produce more sustainably, and research shows that consumers find sustainability very important. Globally, 85% of consumers claim to have changed their purchasing behaviour to become more sustainable (Kutcher, 2021). The imperative has been driven chiefly by consumers over the last decades, and many companies have yet to respond. Pioneers in responding to those consumer needs are companies like Levi's and Patagonia. They are changing the world of producing and listening to consumers and the environment (Forbes, 2022). It seems like a global shift has started, but how do the Dutch companies respond to this and what consumers drive this shift?

Dutch companies

Dutch companies seem to have understood the message. In 2021, over 14% of total investments made by companies were environmental. In comparison, nine years earlier, this was less than 4%. Most of the investments, 94%, went to facilities that should lead to better air quality and cleaner energy supply. With a cleaner energy supply, think of options like solar- or wind energy. Other investments went to enhance water quality, combatting soil pollution, limiting noise nuisance, and confining the damage to nature. Significantly the energy sector has invested in sustainability; other major investors were in the chemical, petroleum, foods, and metal sectors (CBS, 2022).

New generations

Especially younger generations, such as Gen-Z and Millennials, are active regarding sustainability. This group might seem insignificant because they are still relatively young, between 10 and 25 years old, but they increasingly represent the consumer demographic. Hence, they are an elemental force to listen to. These consumers are making the sustainability conversation a priority, and it could be important for producers to listen to them (Forbes, 2022).

Dutch government

Moreover, besides the millennials, Gen-Zers and other stakeholders hoping for a more sustainable way of conducting business, the Dutch government is also advocating for a more sustainable way of living. They want 16% of all energy sources to be sustainable by 2023. Furthermore, by 2050, this should even be close to 100%. This way, they want to reduce CO2 emissions by 80 to 95%, compared to 1990. They want to do this in a safe, reliable, and affordable way so it remains attractive to work in the country (Government of the Netherlands, n.d.).

Let's get in touch!

Are you thinking of expanding your business abroad? The Netherlands is a great country to establish your company. The country is involved in sustainability and is among the wealthiest countries in the world. However, moving your business to the Netherlands can be challenging. Local language, culture and laws can be obstacles that slow down the process. That is why it is advisable to have support.

Q-Business Support has a team of multilingual, highly skilled professionals dedicated to supporting your business in the Netherlands. They have over 25 years of experience and are experts in listening and responding to the needs of our clients in accounting, financial reporting, and legal and compliance support, to name a few. Q-Business Support creates solutions tailored to the client's needs, enabling them to focus on what matters most: their business growth.

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