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Remarkable things to know about Dutch culture

When people think of the Netherlands, cheese, wooden shoes, and windmills often come to mind. Even though the Netherlands does have all these things, there is more to the small country than meets the eye. Interesting characteristics could surface if you live in the Netherlands, do business with the Dutch, or both. But what are these cultural expressions that can be seen?


The Dutch tend to be very straightforward and frank. Sometimes, this can be misunderstood and seen as rude. However, most of the time, the objective of the Dutchie is not to be rude but to be clear. Many people in the country see it as an excellent way of being open, which often results in efficiency (Scroope, 2017).


Lots of people from the Netherlands love planning! Spontaneously coming over is often unappreciated, and plans are sometimes made weeks (or even months) in advance. Because of their busy schedules, speak with your Dutch friend or colleagues in advance and plan an outing this way. Moreover, because of these busy schedules, the Dutch tend to be punctual and value others being on time too.

Frozen bread

As said before, many Dutch people love cheese. They eat it with many kinds of meals, but a popular one is having it on a slice of bread for lunch. This bread is often put in the freezer after purchase, and a few cuts are taken out every morning. Usually, the bread is even covered in cheese when it is frozen! This way, the bread will not go bad but can still be bought in bulk.

Of course, not all Dutch people are the same, and it is vital to look at the person in front of you and evaluate what they are like. When you meet someone or do business with someone, you do not just converse with the country but with an individual. Where most Dutch people value planning, you might meet the one who loves that spontaneous catch-up!

Thinking about relocating?

Are you thinking of (re)locating your company to the country of frozen bread, wooden shoes, and efficiency? Q-Business Support could help you in this journey. Moving your business can sometimes be challenging due to local regulations, culture and a language barrier. Q-Business Support can help you with these obstacles. With their experienced team of multilingual, highly skilled professionals, implementing a business can be done smoothly.

Moreover, with their 25 years of experience in the financial industry, the team has mastered listening and responding to clients' needs. QBS can offer support in implementing your business and could help clients in, for instance, accounting, financial reporting, legal and compliance support. This way, QBS creates a tailored solution to clients' needs, enabling them to focus on what matters: their business.

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