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Recap: what were the highs and lows of 2022?

As the end of 2022 approaches, it is a beautiful moment to make resolutions for the new year. But also to reflect on what has happened. 2022 was an exciting year, and with the world going towards a new normal, many governments, companies and people around the world faced challenges. This article will present some critical happenings, but many more significant events occurred.

Recap 2022

New Year's Dive

The first day of the Netherlands always signifies a 'New Year's Dive'. Hundreds of people go to one of the Netherlands' many beaches and face the cold water as a way of a new beginning. And even though COVID-19 and lockdowns characterized the start of 2022, many people celebrated the new beginning.

World Championships

2022 was also the year of the football World Championships in Qatar. For the first time, the tournament was held in the wintertime to escape the heat. Moreover, it was the first time the event was held in a middle eastern country. Another first time in this tournament was when Stéphanie Frappart led one of the matches. She is the first female referee to lead a men's World Cup match.

United Kingdom

Unfortunately, 2022 was also the year characterized by the death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. However, the country also gained the first prime minister of colour. Sunak was named prime minister in October of 2022 after Liz Truss had only occupied the position for 45 days.

Russian invasion

Another event that made 2022 a memorable year was the invasion of Russia into Ukraine. This ongoing war has caused death and suffering for many. Furthermore, because many European countries started to boycott Russia, energy prices increased tremendously. In countries all over Europe, gas prices went through the roof, and the Netherlands was no exception. Thankfully, the Dutch government has stepped in, lowering these amounts, and giving funding to people as compensation.

List of Lists

Even though the Netherlands is struggling, like many other countries, with higher inflation and higher energy costs, the country is still doing very well. Research by Bouman (2022), a columnist and economist writing for one of the most well-respected financial magazines in the Netherlands, created the "list of lists". This list combines research from five sources, viewing competitiveness, innovation, society, and happiness. The Netherlands finished third this year! Proofing that the country is a great place to live and do business in.

Let's Get in Touch!

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