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Price cap on gas and electricity in The Netherlands

Many households in the Netherlands have probably felt that in 2022 utility prices rapidly started to rise. Because of political unrest in other countries, a great gas supplier fell away, which was initially felt in the pockets of most households. Since August 2022, prices have decreased slightly, and the Dutch government has stepped up for its inhabitants. All homes received €190 in both the month of November and December. And households with a low income were also eligible for an extra € 1500 to pay their utility bills. On top of that, the Dutch government set a price cap for energy prices as of 2023! But what is it, and what does it mean for energy prices in the Netherlands?

Price cap

A price cap means that after a certain amount, one does not need to pay more for a product or service. For energy in the Netherlands, a household does not pay more than the amount set by the government. If the price stated in the energy contract is higher than what the government capped, the government pays the extra amount. Because of this rule, most households receive a discount on their utility bill. This amount is until a certain amount of gas is used, ensuring homes do not abuse the system and use too much gas (Rijksoverheid, 2023).

Sustainable energy

It must not have slipped anyone's attention that Russia invaded Ukraine several months ago. As a result, many countries are boycotting Russian products, including their gas. As Russia used to be a significant fossil fuel supplier, demand for gas from other countries started to rise, and so did the prices. Moreover, the Netherlands used to produce part of its gas in the country's north but stopped doing so. These, among other factors, resulted in a decrease in the supply of gas and an increase in gas and electricity prices, especially at the start of 2022 (Pure Energie, 2022). The reduction of energy prices has already set in, and this trend will likely continue. Because renewable energy sources are improving, green energy is becoming cheaper, and the country is becoming more independent of these sustainable sources.

Let's get in touch!

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