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Minimum Wage for Highly Skilled Immigrants

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An increasing number of immigrants are passing borders; amongst these immigrants are also highly skilled migrants. These are people from outside of the European Union who come to the Netherlands to work because they have specialised knowledge that is required in a European country (IWCN, n.d.). But in the Netherlands, there are some specific demands for these employees, like a higher minimum wage. But how much is this exactly?

Minimum Salary

The immigrants from outside of the EU that come to the Netherlands to work, require a higher salary than people who have graduated in Holland. When an employee is under 30 years old, this person needs to earn at least € 3549. Above 30, employees require at least € 4840 (IWCN, n.d.). Immigrants who are just finishing school are allowed to have an orientation year as the government values giving new residents time to find a job or set up their own company after graduating. The minimum salary for this group is only € 2543 (Government of the Netherlands, n.d.).

Small Percentage

Only a small percentage of the Dutch residents are highly skilled immigrants; between 2016 and 2018, there were 383.000, which accounted for 4.2%. In other countries, highly skilled migrants are more significant represented. In Ireland, they account for 12 percent of the population, Switzerland 13% and in Luxembourg, this is even 26%. Highly skilled migrants make up around 20% of all the immigrants. Moreover, often they do not stay for long. Over 80% leaves within the first ten years (CBS, 2020).


According to the Central Bureau for Statistics (2020), Holland is especially famous with workers from India. Indian migrants mostly live in or around Amsterdam, the Hague or Eindhoven. On average they earn € 40.300, which is € 4000 more than the average Dutch resident.

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