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How the Covid vaccine will affect the Dutch economy

For months the world has been looking forward to this moment: the start of the COVID-19 vaccination program. Several major pharmaceutical companies have found a successful vaccine and the first countries have already started using it. It’s crucial for public health and the economy that action is taken quickly. It will take months (or even more) before the world can return to normal. No time to lose! In this blog, we look at the influence of the covid-19 vaccine on the Dutch economy.

Hope and perspective

Before we look at the impact on an economic level, we want to consider the impact on a social level. A vaccine would eliminate significant health risks and uncertainties for large groups of people. Think of the elderly and people with health issues, but also the people who care for them. The vaccine offers hope and perspective!

Effects of a successful vaccination program

Furthermore, the vaccine is necessary for the Dutch economy. A successful vaccination program will mean that shops and restaurants can open again, employees can return to the office, meetings can take place face-to-face and, we can travel again. For now, it's unclear how fast it will go, but the economy will eventually start to run again.

Possible scenarios

The experts are not sure yet whether everything will be as it was. 'Camp A' suspects that everything will 'go back to normal': a lot of business air traffic, working in the office and having meetings together at the conference table. 'Camp B' foresees sustainable change: business air travel is being kept to a minimum, we continue to work from home and meet online. In June 2020 we wrote an article about the potential lasting changes after the coronavirus. Certainly, interesting to read!

Critical factor

It is evident that a vaccine is good for the economy. Macro-, meso- and microeconomic structures have been under severe pressure since the outbreak of the virus. The world wants to move forward, and the economy is a critical factor in this. In January, the Netherlands will start vaccinating the most vulnerable groups and the people around them. For now, it is unknown when it will be the turn of the other groups.

Let’s talk about the possibilities

We will keep you informed! Do you have any questions about the current business climate in the Netherlands in the meantime? And do you want to talk about possibilities for your company? We know that locating your business abroad creates many challenges. We are specialized in supporting and advising companies during the whole process.

From language and cultural differences to laws and regulations: Q-Business Support can assist and advise you in setting up your operations in The Netherlands. It's highly specialized team delivers tailored solutions in corporate services, accounting, financial reporting and compliance. The multilingual and highly skilled professionals from Q-Business Support will support you through all the stages of the implementation of your business in this country.

Contact us and arrange an online meeting; let's talk about your plans.

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