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Corona, the flipside of the coin: the positive outcomes

No change without chaos. And yet we tend to look for safety, continuity and predictability. Knowingly creating chaos is not in our nature, dealing with it when it presents itself all the more. The power of chaos was evident during the outbreak of COVID-19, which gave the world a complete makeover within months. Many of the consequences of the epidemic were negative. We have had the most prominent economic contraction in years, saw a record number of layoffs and people all over the world have to deal with very challenging situations. Taking these things into consideration, we also want to focus on the positive outcomes of the Coronavirus. What functional changes are we left with from these disruptive times?


Everyone worries sometimes about significant changes, changes that can turn a whole life upside down. But when this change occurs, we (almost) always find a way to deal with it. The fear of fear is often more severe than when fear actually occurs. People are made to adapt and to survive to almost any and all changes. The human faculty to adapt is enormous and we sometimes seem to forget that. A crisis like the recent one, gives us a glimpse into that adaptability and makes us confident that we can deal with much more adversity than we initially thought. Humanity is strong and we should never forget that.

Revalue professions

Teachers, nurses, supermarket employees and waste collectors are all professions that have been paid less than they deserve for years, almost all over the world. The COVID-19 crisis has made many people realize that these vital professions are literally indispensable for society. These professions were revalued soon after the virus broke out. We were terrified that the supermarkets would get empty and started hoarding. We worried about our children's education and let schools reopen soon after closing them. We wanted good care for everyone who got sick and needed urgent medical attention and asked doctors and nurses to work overtime. And they did so that society and the economy could maintain as well as possible. We now see how essential these professions are for our communities and understand that we should value them more.

Efficiency in business

In our previous article "What are the potential lasting changes after the Coronavirus?" we wrote about changes that we will be dealing with after the Coronavirus. For example, Twitter already announced that its employees could work "forever" from home, Euromonitor expects that local consumption will continue to be essential and online products and services will be on the rise with increasing speed. Our lives and work are becoming more efficient by the minute.

Climate policy

The sudden collapse of the aviation sector and a drastic decrease in the amount of traffic already had an amazing effect on air and water quality in many places around the world. In the long run, this is not enough for a lasting effect on the climate as a whole, but it does show to what extent our behaviour influences our living environment. Climate was already a hot topic, but it seems to be gaining momentum even further. The world is ready for fundamental changes that will make extremely cheap airline tickets and using the car for no good reason things of the past.:

What positive developments have you or your company been experiencing due to the Coronavirus crisis? What questions has it raised? Q Business support thinks along with you about your expansion plans and helps to turn opportunities into actions.

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